Born in poverty stricken Guatemala, Luis “Lulu” Torres migrated to LA California at the age of 15 and knew he wanted to make a name or himself and his people in the music & entertainment industry. Lulu went on to get jobs as working on television broadcast for The Grammys, Motown Live, Blind Date & USA networks “Happy Hour”. He then went on to the music industry and worked with the Neptunes start up label StarTrak & got his first shot working with The Clipse as a co manager. Lulu took the knowledge and his experience he got from traveling with them and decided to start his own label, B.Y.I. (Beyond Your Imagination).

Lulu teamed up with long time friend, DJ & Grammy winning music producer Dow Jones of Tha Bizness, to break their first artist in Los Angeles and be the first American based Latino music company to get a major label joint venture deal for B.Y.I. with Interscope records & Jimmy Iovine.

Lulu & Dow figured out how to start making major moves in the industry working with their relationships and connections to help break other artists songs like music from Chris Brown, Tank, Pusha T as well as their own new artists like Alexis Santos, B Gonzalez & Troopnastyy.